EDA tutorial video online

The video of my GECCO-2008 tutorial on Probabilistic Model-Building Genetic Algorithms (PMBGAs) or Estimation of Distribution Algorithms (EDAs) is now available online at Google Video:

The video was produced by Pier Luca Lanzi (thanks!).

The slides for the talk can be downloaded here.

9 comments on “EDA tutorial video online

  1. Manuel on said:

    I loved this video… very clear and very informative. I didn’t know about PMBGAs, and now want to learn more! Thanks.

  2. Marcelo on said:


    Very good presentation! Congratulations!

    I enjoyed your tutorial.

    Thanks for uploading it!

    See you!


  3. Martin Pelikan on said:

    Thanks, I was happy to hear you enjoyed it.

  4. web design company india on said:

    Great video!!! i enjoyed it very much, lots of information you provide from this video, very helpful, keep it up thanks….

  5. ohh very informative video really appriciate your efforts making it.

  6. William on said:

    Decent work dude, keep on updating us with such stuff.

  7. Nandini on said:

    I really enjoyed the video. Thanks for providing us with such a good stuff.

  8. Good presentation. Well-done.

  9. Shimul on said:

    I am highly impressed with your awesome style of presentation.