Publish online with scribd

Xavier Llora pointed out an interesting service called, which allows one to publish papers online. It has a similar flavor as, which I use heavily, but it’s scope is much broader (it is intended for papers, slide presentations, CVs, etc.).

Besides our MEDAL Publications page, I also often post papers on, which is heavily underused by evolutionary computation community for some reason. However, I find it somewhat too time consuming to publish things on, as it almost always keeps complaining about something (like too big pictures, etc.).

4 comments on “Publish online with scribd

  1. MoiN on said:

    Thanks for sharing =) – Looks like a nice service


  2. thats pretty nice service. never knew it before thanks.

  3. interested and will bookmark it, thank

  4. LAPTOP REPAIR on said:

    great info, thank you for your time