TCGA has a new home

IlliGAL's TCGA Library

Some of you may know that David E. Goldberg‘s Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory (IlliGAL) has been a home for a large collection of over 11,000 articles, theses and books on genetic algorithms and related areas. Dave Goldberg has collected these publications with help with many students to provide a tremendous resource for those who worked at IlliGAL. The collection (also named The Clearinghouse for Genetic Algorithms or TCGA) started when Dave was at the University of Alabama, and continued for many years after he joined the University of Illinois and founded IlliGAL.

Since IlliGAL has recently closed, Dave agreed to let us give the library a new home and just yesterday we have completed the move. IlliGAL meant a lot to all of us who had the opportunity to work there. I am grateful for having been a part of IlliGAL and for having a part of IlliGAL at my current lab. Thank you, Dave.

IlliGAL Lab

IlliGAL Lab

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