W. Brian Arthur to give a keynote at GECCO-2010

I am pleased to announce that one of the GECCO-2010 keynotes will be given by W. Brian Arthur. More on the speech below:

Title: Combinatorial evolution in technology and an algorithm this suggests

Abstract: Brian Arthur will talk about his new book, The Nature of Technology, which lays out an understanding of how technology comes into being and how it evolves. He will also talk about a new algorithm based on technological evolution that builds up families of technologies from ones that previously exist; and discuss how it compares with genetic algorithms.

Biosketch of the speaker: Brian Arthur´s background is in engineering and mathematics, but he is best known as an economist. From 1983 to 1996 he was Dean and Virginia Morrison Professor of Population Studies and Economics at Stanford. And from 1988 to 2004 he was Citibank Professor at the Santa Fe Institute. Arthur is well-known for his “theory of increasing returns”, which explains what happens when products that gain market share find it easier to gain further market share, and how such positive feedbacks lock markets in to the domination of one or two players. Arthur is also one of the pioneers of the science of complexity – the science of how patterns and structures self-organize. He directed the Santa Fe Institute´s first research program in 1988. He is the recipient of the International Schumpeter Prize in Economics, the inaugural Lagrange Prize in Complexity Science, and two honorary doctorates.

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