Applications of hBOATM  

Data Mining, Decision Support, and Knowledge Management: Applying hBOATM to data mining, information visualization, decision support, and knowledge management will lead to better decision making and resource utilization.

Engineering Design and Optimization:  This technology can optimize the design of engineering systems in a variety of disciplines.  Aerospace, mechanical, civil, environmental, chemical, bioengineering, telecommunications, electronic, and computer products, processes, and systems can all employ hBOATM to improve system performance, cost and efficiency.

Scheduling, Supply-Chain, Operations Research, and Enterprise Resource Management:  Optimizing time and resource utilization in large-scale businesses and organizations increasingly relies on sophisticated solution algorithms coupled with sophisticated enterprise-wide software systems.  hBOATM can augment or supplant first-generation solution techniques to provide higher quality time plans and resource allocation.


How hBOATM works

hBOATM combines techniques from genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation with the latest in Bayesian networks and artificial intelligence to create a powerful solver that discovers and exploits unknown irregularities in search, optimization, and machine learning problems.  Specifically, 

  1. Solution points are sampled initially at random,

  2. A highly fit subset of points is modeled using Bayesian networks, network searches, and appropriate theoretical or Bayesian metrics

  3. The resulting Bayesian network model is sampled to generate a population of new candidates.

The process is iterated by population, and the resulting procedure quickly uncovers unknown or hidden regularities and directs the search to solutions of highest quality in times that often grow no more than a quadratic function of the number of decision variables.  Heirarchy is handled through the addition of niching techniques and compact data structures that facilitate the inheritance of building blocks as whole chunks.  The bottom line is a broadly competent procedure that solves enormously difficult problems (problems with millions or billions of optima) with ease.


Competitive advantages for hBOATM customers

hBOATM can solve previously intractable problems today, but this technology is not yet widely available in commercial software packages or systems.  Software purveyors or end users who adopt hBOATM now will be able to acheive higher quality solutions to larger problems more quickly than their competitors.

This package should be of particular interest to:

  1. Software Suppliers

  2. Sophisticated End Users

Software suppliers, particularly those who embed search, optimization, or machine learning in their product offerings will want to augment or replace existing tools with hBOATM.  Sophisticated end users who perform or would like to perform optimization using existing in-house analysis codes can easily add hBOATM and quickly provide broadly competent optimization capability.








hBOATM technology is patent pending.
Copyright 2003