MEDAL Report 2006004
Analysis of Ideal Recombination on Random Decomposable Problems
Kumara Sastry, Martin Pelikan, and David E. Goldberg  (2006)

Abstract. This paper analyzes the behavior of a selectorecombinative genetic algorithm (GA) with an ideal crossover on a class of random additively decomposable problems (rADPs). Specifically, additively decomposable problems of order k whose subsolution fitnesses are sampled from the standard uniform distribution U[0,1] are analyzed. The scalability of the selectorecombinative GA is investigated for 10,000 rADP instances. The validity of facetwise models in bounding the population size, run duration, and the number of function evaluations required to successfully solve the problems is also verified. Finally, rADP instances that are easiest and most difficult are also investigated.

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Missouri Estimation of Distribution Algorithms Laboratory
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