MEDAL Report 2009003
Effects of a Deterministic Hill climber on hBOA
Elizabeth Radetic, Martin Pelikan, and David E. Goldberg  (2009)

Abstract. Hybridization of global and local search algorithms is a well-established technique for enhancing the efficiency of search algorithms. Hybridizing estimation of distribution algorithms (EDAs) has been repeatedly shown to produce better performance than either the global or local search algorithm alone. The hierarchical Bayesian optimization algorithm (hBOA) is an advanced EDA which has previously been shown to benefit from hybridization with a local searcher. This paper examines the effects of combining hBOA with a deterministic hill climber (DHC). Experiments reveal that allowing DHC to find the local optima makes model building and decision making much easier for hBOA. This reduces the minimum population size required to find the global optimum, which substantially improves overall performance.

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