MEDAL Report 2009005
Intelligent Bias of Network Structures in the Hierarchical BOA
Mark Hauschild and Martin Pelikan  (2009)

Abstract. One of the primary advantages of estimation of distribution algorithms (EDAs) over many other stochastic optimization techniques is that they supply us with a roadmap of how they solve a problem. This roadmap consists of a sequence of probabilistic models of candidate solutions of increasing quality. The first model in this sequence would typically encode the uniform distribution over all admissible solutions whereas the last model would encode a distribution that generates at least one global optimum with high probability. It has been argued that exploiting this knowledge should improve EDA performance when solving similar problems. This paper presents an approach to bias the building of Bayesian network models in the hierarchical Bayesian optimization algorithm (hBOA) using information gathered from models generated during previous hBOA runs on similar problems. The approach is evaluated on trap-5 and 2D spin glass problems.

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